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What do we treat?

Common health issue Ask anything you would normally ask your GP. You can have an instant video with one of our GPs via a digital consultation from anywhere, at any time of day. Specialist advice Sometimes it's helpful to see a specialist when you want. And get educational advice, pre-screening, monitoring and follow-ups. For maternal and infant health care, chronic diseases such as diabetes, or other conditions, DocTime can help you to connect with the right specialist doctor and to stay healthy. More than 20 different specialities are available on DocTime. Mental health and wellbeing In a fast paced world, it is important to monitor and protect your mental health and wellbeing. Doctors can help you stay healthy whether you have symptoms at home or in your workplace of stress, smoking, anxiety, bereavement or depression.

How does it work?

Who provides consultation on DocTime?

Are the registered doctors verified?

When are the doctors available for consultation?

Can we select a doctor of our own choice?

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If I decide to cancel my consultation after making payment, how do I get a refund?

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Do I need to prepare anything before the video consultation?

How do I get a prescription for my consultation?

If the doctor finds out that my problem is not treatable over video call, what would happen?

Are there any consultants available from doctors outside Bangladesh?

Can I get consultation if I am outside Bangladesh?

Who ensures that the correct doctor is giving the consultation?

Can I order medicine on DocTime?

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